• NFC Scannable Device

    Experience the Next Generation of Connectivity with NFC Chips.

  • Taste the difference

    Indulge your taste buds with our premium 17 flavors.

  • Mesh Coil

    Experience the ultimate flavor and vapor production with our Mesh Coil technology.

  • Airflow Adjustment

    Unlock the Power of Airflow Control for Optimal Performance.

  • Rechargeable

    Experience the power of our rechargeable device, providing long-lasting performance.

  • Smart Screen

    Stay ahead of the game with our Smart Display, providing real-time information on your battery and juice levels.

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17 Flavors

Flavors and descriptions :-)

1. Arctic Mint:
A refreshing burst of icy coolness with a hint of mint, creating an invigorating Arctic breeze.

2. Minty Cucumber: Crisp cucumber notes harmoniously blended with a cooling minty undertone, offering a uniquely fresh vape.

3. Peach Strawberry Splash: Juicy peaches and ripe strawberries collide, creating a sweet and fruity symphony that's perfect for a summer vape.

4. Apple Fruit Blast: An explosion of various apple varieties, delivering a dynamic fruit blast that's both crisp and satisfying.

5. Cherry Breeze: A gentle breeze of sweet cherries, providing a smooth and delightful vaping experience.

6. Berries Fusion: A mix of assorted berries dancing together, creating a flavorful fusion that's both sweet and tart.

7. Guava Bliss: Tropical guava goodness that's both luscious and smooth, offering a blissful vaping escape.

8. Pistachio Crunch: A nutty delight with the essence of roasted pistachios, delivering a satisfying crunch in every puff.

9. Caramel Gelato: Rich caramel swirls infused into velvety gelato, resulting in a decadent and creamy indulgence.

10. Peach Tango Pop: A lively dance of ripe peaches, creating a vibrant and fruity pop in every inhale.

11. Ghost: A clear blend with no flavor, leaving a clear intriguing taste on the palate.

12. Honey Delight: Sweet honey drizzled over a medley of delightful flavors, creating a harmonious and indulgent vape.

13. Grape Sake: A sophisticated blend of grapes with a hint of Japanese sake, offering a unique and refined vaping experience.

14. Cool Watermelon: Crisp watermelon slices infused with a refreshing coolness, providing a hydrating and invigorating vape.

15. Strawberry Soufflé: Fluffy and light strawberry soufflé flavors, delivering a sweet and airy vaping experience.

16. Strawberry Marmalade: Ripe strawberries transformed into a luscious marmalade, offering a sweet and slightly tangy vape.

17. Lemon Peach Zest: The zesty kick of lemons combined with the sweetness of ripe peaches, creating a balanced and vibrant flavor profile.

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